The CTS-3000

The Compression and Tension System (CTS) builds on the SportsLogic platform and features the most advanced testing platform available for sports material testing. Designed for ball, bat, and material testing, all CTS systems are powered by an advanced computer control software, MechLab, that allows the user to create an infinite array of test methods using a simple table format. Tests and data can be saved, copied, exported, and easily transferred to other systems.

The original ADC Compression System automated and standardized compression of golf balls and cores, allowing for the first time for comparable data to be shared world-wide between labs, offices, suppliers. Prior to ADC Compression, hand testing of compression varied from day to day, user to user, and setup of the machine was archaic and cumbersome. Compression testing was time-consuming and inaccurate. Each company, each division, had its own units and methodology.


The CTS also has industrial applications.


The CTS advances the original system with an improved mechanical design, advanced measurement hardware, a 1kHz scan rate, and a variety of mechanical configurations to satisfy the needs of any materials test. The CTS exceeds the capabilities and performance of mechanical test systems costing more than $100,000 at a fraction of the cost.


  • Designed for both dynamic and static   testing of a wide range of components and materials
  • Compact bench top design does not require any floor space
  • All single phase 120 VAC electrical power, no hydraulic power unit or 3 phase power required
  • Versatile T-slot table for standard fixtures, or custom tooling , grips, or specimens
  • Rigid design featuring twin columns and three linear guides reduces any mechanical deflection
  • Easily interchange load cells for a wide range of testing
  • Customizable software allows for an infinite amount of test routines to be tailored to specific needs
  • Customizable Data exports via csv file to easily integrate with your data base


The CTS comes equipped with the MechLab Pro software. Custom compression routines and proprietary tests are all possible. Compress to load or move to positions. Multiple stage compression tests are also possible. The interface allows for custom routines to be written. The operator has the ability to move the robot from station to station through the software interface.



MechLab Pro Software

CTS Tooling
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