Precision Ball Launching for Aerodynamic Testing

For twenty years the ABTS has been the industry standard. It is used at every major ball manufacturer as well as the USGA. The system allows the engineer to design and test the flight of the golf ball without live hitting.

The ABTS simulates the spin of any club without marking the ball. The system also has the ability to tilt in the vertical plane . The system can even simulate a hook and slice, tilting in the “z” plane.


  • ¾ Speeds up to 330 FPS
  • ¾ Spins up to 20,000 RPM
  • ¾ Operate from remote computer, out of the danger of the range
  • ¾ Low maintenance
  • ¾ Does not mark the ball
  • ¾ Auto-load option allows for the system to fire automatically
  • Side tilt allows for +/1 15 degrees hook or slice


ABTS Options

Screenshot of the ABTS TouchScreen

ABTS Specs