ADC Swing

The ADC Swing is a new control platform for the golf swing robot. Most commonly, it is integrated with an existing MIYA Robot. It allows for full servo control of the wrist rather than “Casting” the wrist. Because of this feature, as well as the unbelievable accuracy of the control system, engineers are able to explore deeper into the characteristics of their golf club.

Automated Design will completely rebuild you old Miyame Robot and turn it into the most advanced and accurate system available.


What We Do:

We inspect and repair every component on the robot, then remove old motors and electronics and replace them with new servo motors and add new adapter plates.

Robot Explanation

ADC Swing Software

Some Key Features:

¾ Advanced Swing Profile  Design
¾ Remote Assistance and Dial-In Capabilities
¾ Runs on any Windows 7 Computer
¾ EtherCat Technology

Swing Software Picture1
Swing Software Picture2

Club and Launch Data Collection

Robot Data