iBeam Sensors

Automated Design’s iBeam Sensors continue to offer the most advanced precision and reliability in screen sensors at a competitive price. By eliminating all the pitfalls of other screen sensors, such as susceptibility to ambient lighting and power fluctuations, the iBeam sensors are already a superior investment. iBeam Sensors continue to raise the bar, however, with a response time less than two microseconds and a highly consistent threshold plane.

Designed for measuring the velocity of any projectile, the possible applications of the iBeam sensors are limitless. The iBeam sensors are highly configurable, allowing them to be quickly inserted into any sensor system. DIP switches have been replaced by an RS422 connection, allowing for enhanced configuration using the free iBeamWorx utility, as well as detailed diagnostic and environmental information.




  • Input Power: 24VDC Regulated, 6 watts
  • Effective Sensing Distance: 18 to 96
    inches (72” max. for Output Pulse Signal: simultaneous 5 volt, 15 volt or 24 volt available
  • Output Pulse Duration: user-configurable.
  • Can be mounted in any position or
  • Physical size: Height x 2” x 4”

How it works:


Sensor Layout
  • ibeam2
  • ibeam1
  • ibeam3

Data Collection:

The sensors are compatible with almost any data
acquisition system. Anything that can accept a discrete
signal of 5, 15 or 24vdc will work. Use them with:

  • ADC Velocigraph
  • Lab View
  • PLC
  • Remote I/O
  • Single Board Computer


iBeamWorx Configuration Software

select a size to fit your needs

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