Version 1.0. For configuring your series 2325 iBeam Screen Sensors.

For capturing data from a VelociGraph to CSV files or directly into Microsoft Excel. Windows 7/Vista/8/10.

For configuring your VG03 VelociGraph.

A specialized utility for integrating a network of VelociGraph into a USGA Indoor Test Range (ITR).

For configuring your VG02 VelociGraph.

Configures older VG02 VelociGraphs ONLY. This low-level WIN32 version should only be used on older computers.

A third-party terminal program used in troubleshooting iBeam and VelociGraph issues. It’s use is detailed in the Sensor Troubleshooting Guide.

For the USB->RS485 adapter used for communicating with the iBeam Screen Sensors or VG03. The ZIP file includes support for all major operating systems.

Operation Manual for ADC’s iBeam sensors.

Operation manual for ADC’s Velocigraph.

Operation Manual for ADC’s VG03 ITR.