Version 1.0. For configuring your series 2325 iBeam Screen Sensors.

For capturing data from a VelociGraph to CSV files or directly into Microsoft Excel. Windows XP/7/Vista/8/10.

For configuring your VG03 VelociGraph.

A specialized utility for integrating a network of VelociGraph into a USGA Indoor Test Range (ITR).

For configuring your VG02 VelociGraph.

Configures older VG02 VelociGraphs ONLY. This low-level WIN32 version should only be used on older computers.

A third-party terminal program used in troubleshooting iBeam and VelociGraph issues. It’s use is detailed in the Sensor Troubleshooting Guide.

For the USB->RS485 adapter used for communicating with the iBeam Screen Sensors or VG03. The ZIP file includes support for all major operating systems.