We are here to help increase productivity. We strive to maximize the efficiency, practicality, and economy of every system we design, making them as efficient to maintain as they are to operate. We offer a comprehensive blend of all aspects of mechanical design and analysis:hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical control systems and programming. From small to large projects, Automated Design sees the project all the way through from conceptual design to final fabrication. We can be your consultant, your designer, your draftsman, your fabricator, your service technicians, or all of these. ADC focuses on your needs to deliver the service and solutions that work.

Custom Automation

We bring good ideas into great solutions by listening to a client's needs and expectations.

Custom Industrial Controls

We offer high-quality, affordably priced control panels that adhere to all national standards.

Custom Programming

ADC is in the business of providing custom, mission-critical applications that meet the needs of the problem at economical prices.

Material & Bar Handling

ADC provides customized solutions for handling bar unscramblers, loaders, feeders and conveyors for all types and diameters of bar stock.