Custom Automation

There’s a big difference between a good idea and a great solution. Building good ideas into great solutions takes experience and expertise in listening to a client’s needs and expectations. It takes years of designing and building custom machinery and control systems that prove, time after time, to be the most efficient, practical solutions to the tough material handling problems of todays industrial needs. It takes commitment to service above and beyond all expectations.

We start by listening. Really listening. We listen to your needs, your frustrations, your ideas and plans. We take the time to fully assess your material handling problem, carefully observing existing operations, talking with plant staff and machine operators, constructing a solid foundation on which to build an effective solution. In vigorous brainstorming sessions, we combine the talents and expertise of each member of our staff. Our unique mix enables us to take a fresh approach to each problem generating the good ideas we then build into great solutions.

With full CAD capabilities, our design team tests our ideas, shaping them into solutions that work. Through a series of design modifications, we strive to maximize the efficiency, practicality, and economy of every system we design, making them as efficient to maintain as they are to operate.

We offer a comprehensive blend of all aspects of mechanical design and analysis: hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control systems design and programming (including the use of both DC and AC servo systems when required). And we explain out design in detail, making certain you are informed every step of the way. Once the design is thoroughly developed and approved, our skilled staff of wiring and assembly technicians begins building your equipment.

When we are satisfied that we have taken our idea and built a great solution, we put it to the test. Before shipping the system, we run it through a complete battery of tests, making any necessary changes or improvements. But we don’t stop there. Once the machine is fully installed in your plant, we test all of its operations within your system to insure that it meets the needs it was designed to fulfill.

Complete installation is available as part of your package. We handle all aspects of shipping and installation, from setting it in place to the final wiring.
With your new system up and running, you’ll want trained machine operators at the helm. To ensure a smooth transition, we provide excellent training programs on site, taking whatever time is necessary to fully train your staff in the operation and maintenance of the new system.

Our commitment to service doesn’t end when that last training question is answered. We supply and maintain files of all project documentation including all assembly drawings; pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical schematics; and full logic and program documentation. These records remain available to you as a back up throughout the life of your equipment.

You’ve read about our process; now you understand our success. We have the experience and expertise to solve the most complex material handling problems with efficient, practical solutions. Trust us with your automation needs.