Automated Design Corporation began designing and building quality custom automation in 1986 for the Automotive Industry and quickly grew to design solutions for a range of services and industries world-wide. Today, ADC specializes in sports research and development testing equipment. Our iBeam Projectile Sensors are the recognized standard for velocity data collection in any sports application, and our SportsLogic platform provides scalable machine control, accesible data collection, and advanced statistical analysis with a simple interface.

ADC provides custom automation solutions, particularly for process manufacturing and automated quality assurance, and are a leader in designing and implementing advanced control systems. Additionally, ADC is a full-service distributor with a complete line card of quality automation components from revered manufacturers, such as Red Lion, Wago and Baldor.

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Projectile Sensing

Designed for measuring the velocity of any projectile, our sensing products can be used in multiple applications.


Our Cannons are the standard for ball-centric testing and provide high volume to high accuracy testing.

Material Testing

Our Load Frames are the industry standard for compression and deflection.

Size, Weight & Compression

Multi-Point Testing: Record compression and size along multiple points of the ball’s perimeter using servo-controlled indexing.

Sports Testing

ADC offers variety of testing equipment for all sports. With ADC's equipment, manufacturers can test the durability of their equipment quickly, easily, and - most importantly - accurately.

Swing Robots

Used for research and development, our Swing Robots test the shaft and heads of clubs/sticks used in sports.