Ballistic Sensing Technology

Designed for measuring the velocity of any projectile, our sensing products can be used in multiple applications. Our iBeam sensors have a response time less than two microseconds and a highly consistent threshold plane. You can capture these high speed pulses, as well as speed, with the Velocigraph. The Velocigraph has multple uses and can accept any pulse half of a millisecond or with a voltage range of 5-24VDC without any configuration.

For use with our Impacting Machines, our Rebound Chamber utilizes the iBeam Sensors and Velocigraph to measure the velocity, and calculate the projectile trajectory.

iBeam Sensors

Automated Design's iBeam Sensors continue to offer precise and reliable in screen sensors at a competitive price.


The VelociGraph easily integrates with iBeam sensors, but is designed to easily integrate with any device that emits a pulse signal.

Rebound Chamber

Combining ADC's iBeams and Velocigraph, the Rebound Chamber is used for calculating projectile trajectory

Sensing Brochure

This Brochure will give an overview of all ADC's Sensing Products, how they work and ordering/contact information.