Sports Testing

ADC offers variety of testing equipment for all sports. With ADC's equipment, manufacturers can test the durability of their equipment quickly, easily, and - most importantly - accurately.


The ABI-5000 system will compress bats up to 5000lbs between two rollers and will index the bat through the rollers (at load), rolling the bat.


The ABTS simulates the spin of any club without marking the ball. The system also has the ability to tilt in the vertical plane.

Ball Durability

Our typical Ball Durability system uses an ADC cannon to fire a ball into a stationary plate, using ADC's highly accurate iBeam Sensors to measure the inbound and outbound speed and angle.

Club Durability

Our Club Durability systems offer real time statistical analysis of club data and test clubs in hours, rather than days.

Tee Loader

Automated Design's Tee loaders are fast, accurate, comfortable and most importantly, safe.


The ADC Whacker III is a single plane, single axis robotic arm that impacts a golf ball or core.

USGA Pendulum

Each Pendulum manufactured by ADC will be furnished exactly per the USGA drawings, specification and design.