ADC Support

Customers with an active ADC Support agreement get full support access to ADC’s qualified technicians. Each machine sold requires an active support plan in order for ADC to support the system. ADC Support services include telephone assistance with product features, menu commands, installation issues, and troubleshooting. ADC Support also includes free remote “connect” support, Web Conferencing, and access to archived documents regarding your system. ADC will respond to your case within 2-4 business hours of each service request generated. ADC Support is what allows you to receive support for you business critical issues.

  • Machines still under warranty do not require an active support plan, unless specified at the time of purchase. Contact ADC to see if your machine is currently under warranty.
  • You are not requred to have a support plan to purchase spare parts.
  • ADC does not support issues regarding Windows, Microsoft Office, or Mac Software. However, ADC will support the linking between these products and ADC Software.
  • Machines that are over 5 years old and on software and control systems that are not current are considered legacy products. Contact ADC to see if your system is a legacy product.
  • Onsite support is billed at ADC’s standard rates.


  • Response to your case request within 2-4 Business Hours
  • Phone Supports(8am to 5pm CST, Monday through Friday)
  • Web Dial-In Support (On Capable Equipment)
  • Video Conference Support
  • Archiving of machine specific software. If your computer is damaged, stolen, or upgraded, ADC archives the software needed to get you back up and running
  • Assembly and Electrical Drawings upon request. Drawings are emailed in PDF form.
  • Get automatic upgrades to the most current versions of ADC Software platforms, including new releases and service packs for SportsLogic, Recorder, RecorderCE, VG02 Config, VG03 Config, iBeam Worx, MechLab, CoreLogic, and ADC Swing. Receive support on ASAP (Legacy, KAT Control (Legacy), and Fusion (Legacy)
  • ADC is continually improving its software and responds quickly to issues reported by customers. Automatic email noticication keeps you on top of important news, service requests, and the latest software updates

How To Activate

ADC Support is purchased on a per machine basis. It is also possible to negotiate discounted rates for multiple ADC machines located at the same physical address. To enroll, Contact ADC at 630-783-1150. Please list the machines serial # (usually located on the machines frame and inside the machines electrical panel door) and an estimate of when the machine was purchased. If this information is not available, contact ADC and we can assist in this process.

If you wish to negotiate multiple machines at a specific address or lab, please have all serial numbers and types of machines listed.