Swing Robot

Used for research and development, our Swing Robots test the shaft and heads of clubs/sticks used in sports. Rather than being mechanically limited to a one or two axis control, as you see in most swing robots, ADC offers a three-axis control which will emulate a professional athletes swing.

Our three-axis robot control interface allows the user to define points in time (three minimum, unlimited maximum), similar to creating an animation. The points are then used to interperate an entire swing profile. Using this method, users can quickly and easily create an infinite amount of swing profiles using a natural language and a spreadsheet-like interface. All swing profiles can be saved and exported.

Golf Swing Robot

With the unbelievable accuracy of our control system, engineers are able to explore deeper into the characteristics of their golf club.

LAX Swing Rig

Intended for use in the research and development of lacrosse heads and lacrosse shafts. The system will perform controlled, accurate durability testing.