Bat Roller

The ABI-5000 system will compress bats up to 5000lbs between two rollers and will index the bat through the rollers (at load), rolling the bat. A load cell will continuously stream load data. Bats can be clocked on 45 degree intervals. System will accommodate all sizes of bats. Routines can be written to automate the process per the operator’s desired specifications.

Test Parameters are easily configured through the ADC SportsLogic MechLab control software. Configuration settings include Pre-load Weight, Final Load Weight, Roll Depth, Delay settings, Index Settings, Dwell, Speed, and Position. Preconfigured tests will be selectable, or user can create customizable routines.

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  • Compress up to 5000lb load
  • Speed of 10 Inch per second for the index
  • Maximum push-pull force of 600 lbs
  • Index Carriage will accommodate Bats 24-36 inches long and 2.25 and 2.75 in diameter.
  • Rotation: Pneumatic device at 45 Degree Intervals
  • No rotation when the bat is under load
  • Rollers: Two nylon wheels
  • Position data will stream continuously
  • Data provided in both the X and Y axis.
  • Force Data will be provided in relation to the X and Y Positions.
  • System will export load/pos data, routine data and time stamp for each routine.