Automatic Ball Measurement System (ABMS)

The Automatic Ball Measuring System (ABM) consists of a variety of testing stations. The system integrates a SCARA style robot to move balls from station to station. Each test can be custom written to allow for different routines for many different styles of testing.

24 Ball Tray

The ABM auto-removes balls from the tray and maintains the balls orientation throughout the test. The system can also test the ball at multiple points along the balls perimeter, all relative to the position the ball is placed on the tray. Each ball has an identity corresponding to tray position.

Size & Compression

This station utilizes the Gen4 Compression Tester to generate size and compression data. A separate feed/rotate device is attached to the system to allow for multi-point testing. Each result is tied to its actual position on the ball.


The SWC System includes an interface with the Ohaus Adventurer Pro precision balance Model AV212. The balance capacity is 210g, Readability and Repeatbility of 0.01g.

Standard Features

  • GEN IV Compression System
  • SCARA Robot
  • Ohaus Adventurer Pro Balance
  • Interlocked Safety Chamber
  • Mechlab Pro Software

Optional Features

Ball Sorting

A feature where the robot will place the balls in a separate tray for online testing.

Ball Temperature

The system measures the balls temperature at the time of test. This temperature is stored with the test data and can be attached to the barcode or numerical lot number. This is especially important in QC atmospheres.

8 Level Ball Tray Elevator

8 additional level of the 24-Ball tray automatically cycled in order to increase your sample size for any number of tests.

Size Station

The system has the ability to add an advanced laser micrometer that the robot rotates the ball through. This gives the most accurate size measurements, as well as allows for faster size measurements and more size data.


Machine Power 200-230VAC Single Phase, 30A
Machine Weight 750 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 40″ x 38″ x 72″
Min/Max Ball Size 1.00″ Min/1.71″ Max
Size Accuracy (Comp) +/-.001″
Load Capacity 300 lbs. Load Compression (500 lbs. & 1,000 lbs. Available)
High Speed Testing 40″/min
Data Stream 1ms Scan Rate
Weight Accuracy .01 grams
Supplied Load Cell Trans Tech MLP-300