Bat Performance

The Bat Performance System is designed to measure the performance of baseball and softball bats. The system has been designed to comply with NCAA BBCOR, ASTM F2219, USA Baseball, ASTM F1890, and ASTM F1881 to measure BESR (NCAA), BBS (ASA), or BPF (USSSA, Little League). As an option the system may be adapted to measure ball performance, as well. 

The system comprises an air cannon and light screens as well as a bat pivot and computer. The ball inbound speed and impact location on the bat are controlled by the computer. The computer records the ball speed (inbound and rebound) and the bat speed. The computer uses this information to compute the bat performance. The bat performance depends on the weight, balance point, and mass moment inertia of the bat. These fixtures are needed to compute bat performance and may be ordered as options to the bat test system.