Sabot Cannon

The ADC Sabot Style Cannon is perfect for testing large or small balls, pucks, or any item that can fit into a sabot.

The cannon utilizes a sabot to transmit thrust with out introducing any spin to a projectile. The sabot is machined slightly undersized of the inner diameter of the cannon barrel, assuring that the projectile’s trajectory is accurate and repeatable. The tightly controlled pneumatic system accurately accelerates the sabot each and every time.

The advanced Sabot Arrestor unit catches and slows the sabot, allowing the projectile to continue along its trajectory. Because the arrestor decelerates the sabot with out abruptly stopping it, both the sabot and arrestor pads have a much longer life.

The cannon operates via software that can be loaded onto the user’s laptop, or a designated desktop computer. Please contact Automated Design Corporation for computer requirements.

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The Sabot-Style cannon is primarily used by baseball and softball manufacturers for dynamic stiffness testing, and is also used for certification of products. A single-fire, manual load cannon, the use of a Sabot greatly increases the accuracy of the cannon.

The cannon is typically supplied as a stand-alone unit, or coupled with a customized iBeam array for use with dynamic stiffness software. A motorized version is available, which allows the user to easily adjust the firing height of the cannon.

Multiple Applications

The Sabot Cannon is designed to test for a vast number of products and situations.

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Hockey
  • Safety Testing
  • Tornado and Hurricane Debris Testing
  • ….and many more.


Machine Power 110 TO 120 VAC 15AMP (Other options available)
Machine Weight 320 LBS
Overall Dimensions 85w x 44d x 52h (Arrestor Extended)
Mounting Floor, Adjustable Mounting Feet
Required Air Supply 125psi, 15 SCFM for optimum performance
Velocity Accuracy +/-0.5 fps
Max Cannon Air Pressure 125psi
Barrel ID 40″/min AT GREATER THAN 1,000LB LOAD
Data Stream 1ms Scan Rate
Stroke 4″(10″ OPEN HEIGHT)
Supplied Load Cell TRANS TECH SSM-2..5K, 2500LB COMP OR TENSION

Standard Features

  • Good for Oriented Impacts
  • Very Accurate Trajectory Paths
  • Good for Non-Round Projectiles
  • Velocity Accuracy +/- .5 FPS
  • Max Firing Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Accuracy Throughout Whole Range