Club Durability

A golf club, baseball bat, tennis raquet, or any piece of sports equipment is an investment of both money and time, making it important for a consumer to know how well a that equipment performs and that it will last for years to come. That’s why Automated Design, the international leader in sports testing equipment, developed their Durability Systems. Now, manufacturers can test the durability of their equipment quickly, easily, and – most importantly – accurately.

How quickly? With our laser sight and two-handle grip, equipment is loaded into position in only a minute. How easily? Our intelligent Operator Interface makes operating our Durability Systems intuitive. Upgrade to the optional computer control system, and running the system becomes even easier; even data collection becomes simple, because the computer transfers all the data into a customizeable Excel Spreadsheet automatically.

As for accuracy, ADC retains its title as the world’s most accurate developer of sports testing equipment. Each Durability System comes standard with a Cannon IV line of cannon, the world’s most precise cannon, for absolute position accuracy, and ball-speed is calculated by ADC’s VelociGraph. Ball speed information is obtained precision-mounted ADC iBeam sensors.

We realize that each customer is unique, with different needs and desires. As with every system that Automated Design manufactures, our Durability systems are completely customizable to the customer’s specifications.

To learn more about our Durability Systems, contact Automated Design Corporation today to speak to one of our project engineers.

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  • Test Clubs in Hours, rather than days!
  • ADC iBeams For Calculating Velocity Ratios and Performance Data.
  • Face Mapping
  • Real Time Statistical Analysis of Club Data
  • Optional Super Cannon for More Accurate Speeds (+/- .5 FPS)
  • Uses ADC SportsLogic Software
  • Ball Angle Sensing Optional
  • Ball Size Gauge for Crack Detection