Tee Loader

Many research and development test use Tee Loaders for placing a ball upon a tee for testing, including test that involve dangerous swing robots. Hand loading is
slow, inaccurate and uncomfortable but, most often, it is highly dangerous. Automated Design’s Tee loaders are fast, accurate, comfortable and most importantly, safe! ADC has developed several Tee loading systems for various sports over the years, automating the loading process for more accurate and precise measurements.

Our new economical Automated Tee Loader system features two-axis motorized movement in the x and y axis, as well as gross adjustment of 24 inches in the z axis, that is, up and down range. The newest Tee Loader system operates on a Linux-based software and uses Ethernet port for high speed communication. Operator can save and recall multiple point routines for repeatability. Routines can be used to map the face of a club or hit specific points on the face of the club pre-determined. Positions are automatically cycled at the push of the button, allowing the operator to stay away from the dangerous robot. The Tee Loader holds up to 30 balls and can integrate with your swing robot.

With our team of experts, ADC can also customize the unit for your lab’s specific needs.

Whether you are concerned about safety, efficiency or repeatability, an ADC Tee Loader is a worthwhile investment for any research and development laboratory or range.