For customers wanting the ultimate in ball-testing technology, there is no substitute for the Whacker Type III. Right out of the gate, you get the most sophisticated Initial Velocity and paint durability test system on the planet, but the Whacker Type III is capable of so much more when combined with its available options.

The ADC Whacker III is a single plane, single axis robotic arm that impacts a golf ball or core. The system automatically recovers the ball and cycles it through the system (Capable of 70 balls).

The system is capable of orientating the golf ball based on a predetermined mark, or the logo on the ball. This allows for orientated hitting.

No other machine gives you more value than the ADC Whacker III. Initial Velocity, Logo Durability, Ball Durability, Spin Tests, Club face Material Testing and much more.

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  • An optional club-face allows the user to mount any material to the striking surface.
  • Develop and test your next club material and groove pattern.
  • Easily integrated with a motion-analysis system for a wealth of information about the flight characteristics of the ball.
  • Automatic loading and recovery allows the system to test endlessly.
  • The optional vision system will find any marking on the ball, be it pre-programmed or
  • customized with a click of a button, allow the user to   pinpoint strike points on a ball.
  • ADC iBeam Sensors and VelociGraph for ball flight speed and angle.