Testing System

No matter the industry, quality assurance is a must. At ADC, we don't cut cornerns when it comes to quality. Insist on the best for evolving products. For solutions that are not mentioned, please contact ADC, and we will find a solution that works for you.

Material Testing

Our Load Frames are the industry standard for compression and deflection.

Automatic Testing

Multi-Point Testing: Record compression and size along multiple points of the ball’s perimeter using servo-controlled indexing.


Our Cannons are the standard for ball-centric testing. ADC offers cannons that provide high volume to high accuracy testing.


Our Ball and Club Durability systems allow manufacturers to test the durability of their equipment quickly, easily, and - most importantly - accurately


The ABTS simulates the spin of any club without marking the ball. The system also has the ability to tilt in the vertical plane.